Letter from the President

We’ve all seen it in the news lately. The dreaded ransomware. If this is a new term to you, please look it up and familiarize yourself with it.  While no one is immune to viruses and malware that we’ve all seen, criminals have figured out a way to make money on your misery. 

The best way to keep your data safe from ransomware is generally the same as all the other unwanted programs:  Update, protect, and back up!

Update, protect, and back up. All malware, including ransomware, often exploits older or unpatched software, which is why it is vital that everything running on your computer is up to date with at least the latest security updates (and yes, that includes both Windows and macOS users).

Never open an email or text unless you are certain you know who it’s from. Never open an email from the IRS, Social Security, or other government entity unless you have been in direct contact with them and recognize the sender. 

AND if you make a mistake and a criminal tries to make you pay, be confident that you have backed up all your data and immediately report the incident to your local authorities. They should know how to proceed. 

Be careful out there. Mistakes are costly. Protect your data like you protect your home or car. Be aware and good luck!

Tim Miles
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