As the Coronavirus carries on, we must remain diligent in keeping our customers, staff, and community safe and healthy.  COVID-19 has changed the way many look at the world, and as a service provider, we have to do the same.  We must find a way to safely send our techs into customer’s homes.

At this time, we are continuing to follow the policies we currently have in place.  So that you know how we are doing business, we’ve posted it for you.  If you have questions about any of our policies, please feel free to contact either of our offices.

Our offices are opened to the public.  We have installed barriers in all of our lobby areas as well as placing designations of where to stand to achieve social distancing.  We also ask there are no more than 2 customers in the lobby at a time (1 customer in the Yeoman office).  We will be disinfecting our office areas per CDC guidelines.

However, if you do not want to come into the office, there are a variety of ways to conduct
business with us, including:
– Calling our offices: Swayzee – 765-922-7916
Yeoman – 574-965-2100
Fiberhawk – 765-922-HAWK (4295)

Payment options:
– Online: Swayzee Office: https://billpay.fiberhawk.com/swayzee
Yeoman Office: https://billpay.fiberhawk.com/yeoman
– By phone
– Mail or drop box at each office

FiberHawk is not responsible for the U.S. Mail.  Failure to receive bill does not relieve consumer of penalty.

There will be certain precautions that we take before any installation:

  1. Each employeeevery morning must check their temperature before beginning work. Employees with a temperature of 100.4 or higher are to remain at home/will be sent home.
  2. All employees will be wearing PPE (even if vaccinated).
  3. Prior to installations, customers will be screened three (3) times:
    1. Customer Service Representatives will call the customer a day prior to installation to make sure no one in the home is ill.
    2. Tech will contact the customer the day of the installation to make sure no one in the home is ill
    3. When the tech arrives, he will ask if anyone in the home is ill. If for any reason, the tech feels that there is the possibility of infection, he/she has the discretion to reschedule
    4. Customers should wear masks or be in another part of the house during the installation for their safety as well as the tech.
  4. All Techs will wear personal protective equipment (PPE).
  5. If you have knowingly been exposed**, you must follow masking/social distance protocols and immediately get tested.
    **exposed – 15 minutes or more of being closer than 6 feet.

We continue to urge everyone to practice the personal precautions recommended by the CDC to help prevent illness. They include frequent hand washing, not touching your face, disinfecting surfaces, wearing masks, and social distancing.  Go to www.cdc.gov for complete details. You can also get more information about COVID-19 from the World Health Organization at www.who.int.

Thank you, and we hope everyone stays safe and healthy!  We’re all in this together.

ISDH: Novel Coronavirus (COVID19)

FiberHawk is formerly Swayzee Communication and Yeoman Telephone Company.  Call our office to check for availability in your area.  See our map.

765-922-HAWK(4295) or 765-922-7916

Monthly Drawing

FiberHawk’s July monthly drawing winners are Keith Robertson of Delphi, Warren Dalrymple and John Byrd of Swayzee, and Breanne Atkinson of Fairmount .  Congratulations!!  They will each receive a Fire HD 8 Tablet!!  

Don’t forget to sign up no later than the 27th of the month for the next drawing: Beats Studio Buds – True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds!!! There will be 4 lucky winners!!!

You can register online or print out and send or email the form to FiberHawk.

Remember, you must be a customer in good standing, only one winner per account/household per quarter, and only one entry per account/household.

Green Light A Vet
FiberHawk is joining the movement to honor our nation’s Veterans through the Greenlight A Vet Campaign. Stop in our office and pick up a green light bulb.   Change one light in a visible location in your home or office to green.  Keep it glowing all day, everyday as a symbol of our appreciation and support for our veterans.

Take a picture and share it on social media with the hashtag #greenlightavet.  You can also map your greenlight so that every veteran can see your support.  Map Your Light