Letter from the President

I hope everyone is surviving this winter…Covid…inflation…political intrigue, etc.  It has been a while since my last letter, and I want to make this upbeat.  Let’s talk about progress.

What’s new at FiberHawk?  We are almost set in Frankton; we are waiting for the final power inspections for our equipment so we can finish our hut.  I foresee new installations in Frankton in the spring of 2022.  It will not take long to install the whole town, so if you’ve been waiting for a good time to get in your service order, please call the office at 765-922-HAWK (4295).

FiberHawk’s priorities for new builds in 2022 are Lapel and Yeoman. I know Lapel’s coaxial system is tired, so I won’t make excuses.  It has taken longer than we had hoped to get to Lapel.  You will see a flurry of activity throughout the summer.  Please watch for our construction crew and call into our office or watch our website or social forums for updates.  Our hope is that the town of Lapel and most of the Yeoman exchange will be surfing at 1G speeds by this time next year.

FiberHawk has applied for three OCRA (Indiana grant network) grants.  Two grants for the Clinton County area to include Michigantown; one grant for the most remote area of our Yeoman exchange.  We will know how successful the applications are by the end of March.  If you would like to track the progress, go to www.ocra.in.gov and hit the button marked Nextlevel.  These grant applications will not slow down our scheduled Lapel and Yeoman projects.

Once all our towns are core fibered, we will start to fill in the gaps.  We will extend our routes and begin the slow and unending task of building fiber to all possible homes and farms.  I appreciate your patience and please know that I firmly believe that everyone deserve high quality and affordable broadband, and FiberHawk is doing everything possible to bring it to you.

Tim Miles
765-618-9205 mobile 

Service availability and Internet speeds will depend on location.  Call our offices for details. 

Please, call our office if you have any questions.  Please feel free to email me at tmiles@fiberhawk.com if you have any comments of questions.  I would like to hear from you!