Troubleshooting – Speed Issues

Useful tips for when you are experiencing slow speeds
1. Unplug your router/modem, wait 60 seconds then plug back in.

2. Disconnect your device from Wi-Fi and then reconnect

3. Change Wi-Fi connections (example: from 2.4GHz to 5GHz or from 5GHz to 2.4GHz)

4. Connect your device directly to the router/modem if you can

5. Close any unused apps or software that are running in the background

6. Disconnect any devices that are not actively being used, this will lessen the strain on your network.

How to run a speed test
1. Know what speeds you pay for or subscribe to; this can be found on your paper bill or at This will help you determine whether your speed test is approximate to what you pay for.
a. The speeds you subscribe or pay for are spread across all your devices, so if you pay for 25M then that 25M is spread across all your devices and not each device getting 25M.

2. Open web browser on your computer or mobile device (example: internet explorer, google chrome, Microsoft edge, or Safari) and go to

3. Once the page has loaded, click change server to the location closest to you. (i.e., Indianapolis, Greenfield, etc.)

4. Click Go

5. Wait while the test is running, this will take a minute or two.

6. Once the test is finished you will get an upload speed and a download speed.

7. If you continue to experience issues, then proceed to call our office at 765-922-7916 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you further.

Things to remember when running a speed test:
1. A hardwired connection will give you better results than a wireless speed test

2. Speeds will vary based on the device you are running the test from. Some devices can get up to 1G speeds and others will max out at 100 or 200mbps, keep in mind that this will affect your speed test results.

3. Speed test results will vary based on device, time of day, or equipment limitations.

4. Check to make sure devices are up to date, most updates have patches or bug fixes that will help with your connection.

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