CPNI & Privacy Policy

Customer Proprieties Network Information
& Privacy Policy

Fiberhawk knows how important personal privacy is to our customers.  Fiberhawk maintains strict privacy policies and uses industry accepted technologies to safeguard such information.  As part of our commitment to our customers, Fiberhawk is adopting the following Privacy/CPNI Policy.

Information Collection
We collect various “anonymous” facts, as well as personal information you provide directly to us, in the course of conducting business.  This information can include name, address, number of lines, products and services used, email address, etc.  This personally identifiable information is only used to conduct business with you, provide you with specific services, and communicate with you.  We may also use this information to send you information about new products and services.  If you create a personal account with us and provide us with the above information for the purpose of conducting business, you authorize us to store that information.  NO INFORMATION IS EVER SOLD, RENTED, OR GIVEN TO ANOTHER PARTY unless required by law.

Customer Policy
As stated above, we do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to outside companies or marketing firms.  We will NOT give your email address to an outside party or person.  We may share this information among other Fiberhawk entities.  We share personal customer information only when required for the specific and limited purpose of analyzing and/or providing products and services to you.

FCC regulations are designed to protect your privacy rights as a customer.  Fiberhawk values our customers and meeting your communication needs is our top priority.

The Telecommunications Act now requires Fiberhawk to have your permission to use your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).  CPNI is data that is not publicly available and includes information such as type of service, number of telephone lines, amount of usage, calling records, and billing records.  Publicly available information includes name, address, and phone number.  You now have the right to authorize use or non-use of your CPNI by Fiberhawk.  Regardless of your decision, Fiberhawk will keep your information confidential.  Giving Fiberhawk authorization only allows us to further customize the services we can provide you, our valued customer.

You have the right under federal law to restrict use of CPNI data, and we have the responsibility to protect your data.  In order to restrict the use of your CPNI data, you must contact us in writing or leave a message on our after-hours recorder.  Your restriction of this CPNI data will not affect the service or services to which your subscribe.